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The SalemPirates Publish CARGO!

Yarrrr, when cruising on voyages both long and short, a captain may find the crew getting restless. This is never a good thing! The next time you set sail, make sure to have a copy of CARGO loaded on your iPhone or iPod Touch and your wee little pirates will find themselves amused for hours.

The goal of the game is to find all the items listed on your CARGO card. Ye will even be given the center square as a free start! Then it's time to fill in the other squares of the pattern you've chosen. Once you've completed your mission, the winning pattern will be highlighted with a series of gold stars and the captain himself will congratulate you!

As your crew sails along, see who can spot the items on the cargo card first. Your wee pirates will enjoy the animal noises and other sound effects as they mark off the items on the card. Our own little Pink Pirate loves the cow the best. Every game is different as the CARGO card is loaded randomly from a list of items tailored to your voyage. There are some wacky items available on the list, matey, so be prepared for some good times looking for them! In the end, you make the call, this game is all about the fun.

If you have a large crew, load a copy of the game on each of their devices and let the competition begin! Before you know, you'll arrive at your destination with a happy crew indeed, arrgggg!

This is a full featured travel bingo game, with customizable settings for all styles of play. You can set the game for local or highway travel, different winning patterns, chip color (including pink, of course) and type of sound effects.

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