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The SalemPirates Publish Cypher

Yarrr, Cypher tis a fun word puzzle game where you race against the clock to decode the text and twist it into a six letter word.

Can you decrypt the word in time, matey?

This is an immersive, full featured game with beautiful graphics and sound. The game gives you the ability to clear letters, bring up the last word and quickly enter your guess. The buttons are large and easy to hit. The game displays all the words you've found to help you clear the board. If all else fails, a gentle shake will rearrange the letters to help you on your way.

Also, if you allow it, Cypher will post your scores to the internet for publication on the SalemPirates web site so you can compete with buccaneers from all over the world! Arrggg, who will be the best?

Of course, it wouldn't be a SalemPirates' game if there weren't some pirate surprises waiting for you. Keep a sharp eye out for special pirate words and, if you solve them, Capt. Bill himself will reward you with pirate word bonus points. You'll have so much fun, it will boogle your mind!

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Reviews for Cypher

Very Cool    star star star star star
by Matt Midgette
Pirates and Text Twist unite. Lots of fun, interface is easy to use and good sound effects.

Pirate Text Twist!    star star star star star
by Kiddies Mom
Love the Pirate words with sound effects! I play text twist on my computer and this is a great mobile text twist style game. My 7 year old daughter loves to play and try to spell out words and hear the Captain talk to her! This is the third SalemPirates game I have purchased and I love them all! Keep them coming!

Cypher FAQ

How do I enter a word to guess?   Just tap on the letters to create a word to guess. All gameplay will use either the black letter tiles or the main button along the bottom.

How can I clear the letters I've guessed?   The main button along the bottom of the game area with either clear or enter the letters you've guessed. Either way, just tap it anytime to return the letters to the available line.

Can I shuffle the available letters around?   Certainly! You can rearrange the letters at any time by gently shaking your iPhone. But be careful matey, you don't want to drop your precious iDevice!

How do I set the Player Name?   All preferences can be set from the Scores page, including Player Name. The Player Name is limited to 7 letters.

How does scoring work?   As you complete more rounds, your level will increase. As your level increases, each word you guess is worth more points. If you're a true master of the seven seas, you may be able to reach 1,000,000 points and reach the mythical 8th level of Cypher.

Avast! Cypher talks to the Internet!   Fear not matey, we are not plundering any of your personal information. The architecture of the iPhone prevents that. If you are concerned though, or if you don't have access to the internet, you can turn this feature off on the Scores page. Also, be aware that while the application is communicating with the internet you may experience a slight pause in the gameplay.

Arrrggg, some words are missing from the found list!?   The SalemPirates crew vetted the dictionary and removed any words we didn't like. Yarrr, we are a family of pirates and do our best to keep all our games kid friendly.

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