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The SalemPirates Publish Armada

Avast, the battle for the trade route to the Caribbean has begun! Which side will you choose, the disciplined Spanish navy or the untamed Pirate fleet?

This game is based upon the rules of Mancala but you can choose to include special events, which can quickly reverse the tides of battle. Will the Gold Ship arrive and raise the morale of the Spanish fleet or will the sight of the dread Flying Dutchman rally the Pirate crews?

In Armada, you will need all your cunning to defeat your wily opponent as you both race to sail your ships to your home port. Beware though, your opponent can capture an unguarded fleet and add your strength to their own!

You can choose to battle against the clockwork guile of the iPhone itself or play against the nearest sea dog. Choose your side, choose your flag. Use the Preference page to customize your game and let the battle begin!

Filled with colorful graphics and fun sound effects, this is a game you will find yourself playing again and again. A great way to teach Mancala to the wee pirates in your crew or to test the mettle of the most fearsome buccaneer among you.

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Aramda Rules

Object of the Game

Each player attempts to collect as many ships as possible before one of the players clears their side of ships.

Fleets and Ports

Each player has a side of the board, top or bottom. Each player starts with six fleets of 4 ships each. Each player's home port is indicated by their flag. Players may only move fleets from their side of the board.

Fleet Movement

Players alternate turns. On their turn, a player will select a fleet to set sail. The fleet will travel counter-clockwise around the board, visiting each harbor circle and home port on the board. As the fleet visits each harbor, it will transfer one if its ships to the harbor fleet.

The traveling fleet will also transfer a ship to the player's flagged home port, but not to the competing player's home port, that would be mutiny!

A fleet continues to travel until it has no more ships.

Free Moves and Captures

A player will get a free move if their last ship is dropped into their home port.

A capture occurs of when the last ship of the fleet is placed into an empty harbor on the players side of the board. If there are any ships in the enemy harbor directly opposite, both fleets move to the player's home port.

A player does not get a free move for a capture.


If you choose to enable them, random events can occur during the course of the game. The two possible events are; Dutchman Sighted and Gold Ship Arrived. If the Dutchman Sighted event occurs, the Pirate player gets a free turn. If the Gold Ship Arrived event occurs, the Spanish player gets the free turn.

Events are optional and their frequency can be adjusted.


Whenever either player has no ships remaining on their side of the board, the game is over.

Any ships remaining on the player's side of the board at the end of the game are added to that player's home port total.

The player with the highest number of ships in their home port at the end of the game is the winner!

Good luck, matey, and remember...

"Take what ye can and give nothing back!"

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