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The SalemPirates Update Armada

UPDATE: The iPhone OS 3.0 compatible version of Armada has been released on the iPhone App Store! Thanks for your patience and our crew hopes the thousands of folks that downloaded the free version will enjoy the game. All of our future apps are being written in iPhone OS 3.0. Also, several of our favorite applications are being rewritten in iPhone OS 3.0 with better graphics and exciting new features!

Arrggg, with the coming of the new iPhone 3GS and the new iPhone 3.0 OS, Capt. Bill discovered a small problem with our wildly successful Armada game!

The ships weren't visible.

While the SalemPirate crew loves a scary tale of pirate ghost ships as much as any buccaneer, we naturally decided to update this program as soon as possible. Capt. Bill immediately went to work in the Infamous Pirate Labs™ to correct this matter once and for all.

The issue was soon discovered and new code spun. The update has been uploaded to our friends at Apple for their approval.

Now we wait.

Pirates hate waiting and suspect you do too. So to reward everyone's patience, we've lowered Armada's price to FREE! That's right, not a single doubloon is necessary to purchase this fine strategy game. Once the update has been posted, we will be returning the price to normal, so act quickly!

Aye, the ships will be invisible on a 3.0 OS device, but soon the update will come filtering down and your patience will be rewarded with a shiney new version. Pirates like shiney things.

So, download and have fun, me hearties, but remember...

"Take what ye can and give nothing back!"

Purchase Armada on the App Store

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