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The SalemPirates Release Golf Log!

Yarrr, there's many a pirate that loves a round of golf when they be ashore. Fiddling around with paper and pencil can be a pain though, not to mention unearthing your card from last year may require a treasure map. That's why Capt. Bill crafted Golf Log.

Golf Log is a quick and easy way to keep track of your score, both on the course and for later review (or bragging depending on your game!). The emphasis is placed on quick and easy use, so you can spend your time actually playing golf, not doing data entry in the field, arrggg!

Golf Log allows you to create golfers, courses and individual cards. As you play, you can input the stroke count hole by hole and review the overall score. Once you're done with your game, you can review your card in the clubhouse.

Golf Log stores every card you enter, allowing you to track your performance over time. You can see your overall over/under par rating, or view it by course or even by each game.

Golf Log is all about the game of golf but, naturally for a SalemPirates program, there is a pirate look and feel to the program. The leather and parchment interface will take you back to an earlier time as you enjoy your day on the links.

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